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You always belong here.

Mission & Values

I aim to ambitious people as they own their strengths & inner gold by reconnecting with their body wisdom. Together we build your capacity for FUN & JOY in your life by regulating your nervous system & engaging in self-reflection.


I teach the art of self-awareness through somatic exercises, indigenous/ancient healing modalities & mindfulness strategies! The more our community knows themselves, the more they can contribute to a larger good around the world.


My values are:

1. Service: I believe in being of service to everyone around me! By supporting other people's growth I hope to create a fierce network committed to making the world a better place.

2. Freedom: I want to honor your authentic self & do what I can to ensure it has room to express itself. 

3. Community: Wellness is not an individual sport. We put our teachings into practice when we engage with others! I believe in a healing model that is community-oriented.

4. Love: All offerings whether individual or corporate level are created & led with love. This means that excellence is a priority for me.

Image by Daiga Ellaby
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