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Are your wellness habits burning you out?

Let me guess… 

  1. You’re on the self-development hamster wheel. 

  2. Your bookshelf is overflowing with self-help books

  3. You’re enrolled in 11 wellness courses, going to therapy and attending all the workshops in the world

  4. You’ve run out of podcasts to help you solve the exhaustion you feel within.

  5. You’re a huge personal growth nerd and value improvement that pushes you to become the best version of yourself.

  6. Despite making all these investments, you still aren’t making the progress you want to see. 

Image by Hans Vivek

You're extremely capable. However, there are likely unconscious beliefs and conditioning that are getting in the way of being able to integrate everything you’re learning. You’ve got to learn how to trust yourself and silence the critic in your head that is MA LOUD. I’ve got you though!


Over six months I will lovingly guide you to:

  •  Identify sustainable wellness habits

  • Connect to your body

  • Create a new definition of success that works for you

  • Uncover unconscious beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that are directly impacting your ability to feel clear, confident and fully embodied as your most authentic successful self!


My super power is helping you befriend your inner self so that you can work together to create the change you wish to see!


I believe in your capacity for transformation. As a bonus for working with me you’ll receive a Limited Edition hardcover copy of my guided journal “You Are The Light in the Dark.

Starry Night Book Mockup (1).png

That's not all! If you identify as a Black, Brown, Indigenous, womxn of color, you’ll also have access to our invite-only wellness haven The Caona Community. Here you can join our online forums, community gatherings, yoga classes, and guest teacher seminars! You’ll also have exclusive access to wellness coaching recordings. Are you ready for your inner gold to shine?

By the end of our time together I promise to leave you with:


  • Somatic/Mindfulness practices that help you ground in your body & support nervous system regulation (helpful for anxiety)

  • A toolbox of wellness strategies to support your holistic (mind, body, spirit) wellbeing 

  • Deeper understanding of your personal triggers, blocks, strengths, values & desires

  • Increased capacity for self-compassion and self-acceptance (Goodbye to the nasty things you say to yourself!)

  • A brand new lens through which to view yourself

I’m the best person to walk this journey with you.










My name is Destiny Moore Saldivar, I’m a self-discovery guide passionate about helping you reconnect with your body’s wisdom! To support my clients I leverage my 9+ years of experience helping diverse people in the midst of change, striving towards personal goals. I’m certified in Journal Therapy and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy! I’m also a yoga teacher and NYS licensed social worker. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. 


I’m always learning. Literally. Ask me what book I’m reading when we connect for our complimentary self-connection call.


I use all of these skills and education to create a holistic container for your evolution that is trauma-sensitive and strengths-based! I’ve supported hundreds of people through challenging moments of their lives by helping them own their power and move through limiting beliefs. I’ve also worked with companies and organizations like Columbia University, SUNY New Paltz, Mercy College, National Association for Social Workers, and The Posse Foundation to name a few. Not only am I expertly trained to hold space for you, I’ve walked through this path myself.



As a Black Dominican daughter of immigrant parents who had to survive racism, sexism, assimilation, and poverty, there was a LOT of unlearning I had to do as I grew older. My parents, Mami especially, worked tirelessly to gift me a life free from struggle. I watched her barely take days off, sacrificing her personal wellbeing to make a living. 


The apple didn’t fall far from the tree because I inherited this pattern when I became a single mother at 22. I worked 10+ hour days, went above and beyond for my employer, and left very little joy for myself and my daughter. I read all the self-improvement books, attended all the yoga classes, and did several spiritual readings all to no avail. 


None of the wisdom was sticking because the new things I was learning (positive self-talk, increasing confidence, lowering stress, etc.) were all in direct conflict with everything I’d ever known up until that point. It’s hard to break through patterns you’ve been maintaining for 20+ years! Through coaching and therapy I was able to unlearn survival mentality, reconnect to my body’s wisdom and make a pathway for myself towards thriving. The same can happen for you!


But look, I’m as skeptical as the next person. Don’t take my word for the transformation possible! Here’s what my clients have to say about me:

Yellow Wall


My coach was the BOMB! LOL she asked just the right questions and when she would say “let’s unpack that” you knew she was going to challenge you to think beyond what you were already thinking. She really knew what to ask, how to put things in perspective, and how to prioritize your action steps. Coaching has helped me recognize those things I do that result in my self sabotage. It’s helped me gain confidence to put myself out there in my business and also personal life.


I had a phenomenal coaching experience with Destiny! She is empathetic, an active listener and approachable. Because of her coaching, I have gained more self awareness about my self care practices. Additionally, I am able to create a lifestyle that fits my needs.


You helped me take a step back and look at the bigger picture when I couldn't see clearly. While working with you, I experienced so many wins that helped me heal from the losses that were holding me back for so long because you helped me focus.

Private Client

*this client asked to protect their identity*


Individualized coaching was an excellent experience for me. Hearing a new perspective about the parts of my personality I am critical of helped me feel validated and accept them. Having a conversation about it out loud was helpful in committing the new insights to memory so I could integrate them in the moment I was becoming critical again. Destiny's responses and questions to what I shared helped me feel understood.

Private Client

*this client asked to protect their identity*

I looked forward to my one on one coaching calls with Destiny. Destiny’s skills and style helped me to drill down and dig deep below the surface. She served as a mirror by reframing and reflecting back to me what was said. During coaching, she helped me to unpack and uncover my truth in a gentle and kind way. Destiny is able to meet you where you are at, while gently challenging you at the same time.

Private Client

*this client asked to protect their identity*

My coach was beyond wonderful. I am beyond grateful for her and everything that she has taught me or brought to light for me. It helped me in many aspects of my life and within myself. I feel like a new and improved me. I think for my first coach she was wonderful can’t really say anything needs improvement.

Yoga Session

I can already picture you inhabiting more of your body, speaking to yourself with kindness, taking ownership of your triggers, working through those triggers with more ease, living firmly rooted in your values and playing off of your strengths. You exude a confidence that comes from within. Nobody can take that from you. You’re receptive to new opportunities that land on your lap because you know you are CAPABLE and DESERVING.

Ummm, let me put my sunglasses on because phew you are SHINING! As you should, it’s your birthright.

So, are you ready to live more in your body, speak to yourself with kindness, take ownership of your triggers, work through those triggers with more ease, and live firmly rooted in your values while leveraging your strengths?


Good! Let’s connect.


Click the button below to schedule a complimentary connection call! During our session I’ll get to know your obstacles and desires for coaching. I'll personally help you through one form of disconnection you may be feeling with yourself & leave you with a mindfulness strategy to incorporate past our time together.


This call also allows us to make sure we are a good fit for one another. If I don’t think I can help you for real, I will tell you and refer you to someone who can. I care about my integrity and your transformation! See you soon <3

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