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Image by Katie Harp

Meet Destiny

Self-Discovery Guide & Founder

Hola! Thank you for being here. My name is Destiny Moore Saldivar, I’m a self-discovery guide passionate about helping you reconnect with your body’s wisdom! To support my clients I leverage my 9+ years of experience helping diverse people in the midst of change to strive towards their personal goals.

That's a fancy way of saying... I love to help people own their power.


I’m certified in Journal Therapy and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy! I’m also a yoga teacher and NYS licensed social worker. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Psychology from SUNY New Paltz by way of the Educational Opportunity Program. I also have a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. In case it wasn't clear, I love to learn! (I'm a big nerd.)

My love for wellness began, not in textbooks, but in the Dominican jungle my grandmother called a backyard. I spent my summers in Santo Domingo with my Abuelita, who was (& still is) fiercely dedicated to her wellness. She concocted all sorts of remedios with herbs to detox my body & had me drinking lemon with water in the mornings before it was a trend! While she showed me the importance of being physically healthy, I didn't find relief from anxiety & mental distress through her natural medicine. This distress was being caused by something else!


Back in the states as a Black Dominican daughter of immigrant parents who had to survive racism, sexism, assimilation, and poverty, I have a first-hand experience of being a Cycle Breaker. My parents, Mami especially, worked tirelessly to gift me a life free from struggle. I watched her barely take days off, sacrificing her personal well-being to make a living. I was determined to make her sacrifices worth it by honoring my own well-being.

I take a gentle approach to working with people as they reconnect their minds to their bodies, values & strengths. Too often Cycle Breakers are living a life that checks off to-do boxes on someone else's life list! This creates so much anxiety, depression, hopelessness & confusion. By helping the people that cross my path reconnect back to themselves, I help create a community of authentic people that pay it forward.

When I'm not working with clients on wellness or advocating for womxn of color in higher education, you'll most likely find me playing board games with my daughter, husband & pooch! However, when I'm trying to escape them you can find me dancing bachata, reading a good book, sipping on some Riesling, or hiding in nature.

Connect with me personally on Instagram @wellwithdess. Contact me via email if you'd like to connect further. 

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